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Do you need immediate semi truck repairs in the Tulsa Metro area? Let one of our experienced mobile truck mechanics meet you where you are and get you back on the road in no time! 

Servicing all makes and models of big rig trucks, buses and RV's, we're committed to giving you the highest quality service with honest, up front pricing. We strive to be the #1 source for fleets and owner-operators in all of Tulsa with the most efficient roadside truck repair service at fair and reasonable prices.

We rely on our extensive network of truck repair service providers to make sure we have a mechanic ready and waiting anywhere you might need it. We cover the Tulsa, Oklahoma area with mobile mechanics on standby 24 hours a day for your convenience. 

We specializing in truck repair, semi truck, bus and RV repairs. Our truck mechanics are experts with decades of experience providing you with quality repairs done with integrity. We're here and ready any time of day or night for truck repairs in and around Tulsa, OK.

Breakdowns are a part of every truck driver's career. And they almost always happen at the worst time and in the worst place. When you have a truck breakdown, you can count on us to handle it with efficiently and get you back on the road ASAP.  Our expert Tulsa Semi truck mechanics are available 24 hours and day, seven days a week to fix your truck and get you back to business.

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Cooling System Repairs

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Mobile Truck Repair Tulsa

Our Tulsa truck mechanics are here to help you with all your semi truck repair needs. Whether it's a diesel engine failure, electrical issue, lift gate malfunction, or transmission problem has sidelined your rig, call us and we'll send one of our professional mobile truck mechanics to your location out as quickly as we can.

We specialize in all kinds of truck & trailer repairs, including semi trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, buses and RV's.

Our promise is to deliver exceptional service and to get you back up and running as soon as possible – because if you’re not running, you’re losing money. We perform all repairs on site, and we also monitor the entire process and work to speed up repair times by working with dispatchers, parts suppliers and fleet companies. 

You are in good hands when you call us!If you are looking for semi truck roadside assistance or need a professional to take a look at your 18-wheeler, we are the only truck repair shop to call. We serve Tulsa OK and the surrounding areas. Just give us your location, and we'll send an experienced semi truck mechanic to your location as quickly as possible. 

Mobile Semi Truck Repair Tulsa

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Diesel truck mechanics available 24/7

No matter what kind of rig you drive, diesel engine failures are not fun. And to make it even worse, waiting around for a tow truck can be a huge time waster, not to mention the time it takes to get hooked up and make the drive to the closest Tulsa truck repair shop. And to make it even worse, if your engine quits after hours, you might be in for an overnight delay. Don't go through the hassle of waiting! 

When you need immediate truck engine repairs for your truck, RV, bus or heavy duty truck, call us right away and we'll send someone to your location ASAP. Our mission as a company is to get your diesel truck engine fixed quickly and efficiently so you can get back on schedule. So whether your truck has excessive smoking, hard starting, overheating, or just a rough running engine, We've got you covered.

Mobile Semi Truck Suspension Repair

Suspension systems in semis and heavy duty trucks take a heavy beating on a regular basis. When you combine that with rough road conditions, long miles, and constant heavy loads, it can spell trouble for any suspension system. Though suspension parts are designed to handle massive loads and lots of miles, failures tend to happen over time. And when they do, it's never a good outcome. 

High speeds and bad suspension are a recipe for an overturned rig or a serious multi-car accident. Don't be the one that lets a simple suspension repair turn into a deadly accident. These things happens every day, and it's definitely not worth risking your life or livelihood just to save a few dollars on a minor repair. Call the best mobile truck repair company in Tulsa OK and we'll get your suspension system in like new shape in no time!

Air Brake Repairs Tulsa

Another maintenance repair you don't want to ignore is your air brake system. Brake systems on a any vehicle make the difference between stopping safely or having a serious accident. That's even more true when it comes to big rigs and heavy duty trucks. Semi trucks regularly carry a tremendous amount of weight, which means the braking systems have to be much stronger and withstand a lot more wear than normal vehicle brakes. 

Air brakes depend on a supply of sealed pressurized air to slow down your truck, so the slightest air leak or loose fitting throughout the system, can mean serious trouble. Don't be a victim of truck brake failure, which causes thousands of accidents every year. When you call our seasoned truck mechanics, we'll meet you where you are and fully diagnose your air braking systems.

Semi Truck Electrical Repairs

We can also handle all types of electrical issues your truck might have. We can quickly and efficiently diagnose problems with fuses, wiring, computer diagnostics, lights, and more. Driving a truck at night or in bad weather can be hazardous to you and other drivers on the road, and if your lights aren't up to par it can lead to disaster. If you come around a blind corner at night or on an especially foggy morning, your lights are likely the only thing keeping other drivers from slamming into you. 

If you think there may be problems with your truck's electrical system like flickering lights, loss of power, slow cranking engines, or warning lights on the dash, call our Tulsa truck mechanics right away for immediate dispatch to your location. Fortunately, some electrical repairs are simple enough they can be done while you take a break and grab something to eat. Whatever electrical problem you are having with your truck, we work diligently to get you back to online as quickly as possible.

Semi Truck Cooling Repairs

Everyone trucker knows that overheating is an ongoing problem when driving cross country especially in the summer months. Sometimes radiator leaks and worn-out hoses are an obvious source of coolant leaks that often lead to your engine overheating. Oftentimes, you will have overheating problems even though there are no visible leaks, yet the engines still won't cool down properly. That's the time to call the best truck repair shop in Tulsa and let us diagnose your coolant problems! 

We do a thorough diagnosis, including a complete check of all the major components of the cooling system to be sure the problem is found and fixed the right way. Whether you have a cracked radiator that's losing coolant or your truck's water pump is on it's last leg, we'll get the parts as quickly as possible and get your engine back to the right operating temperature.

Mobile Trailer Repair Tulsa

We can also offer expert trailer repair service for any issues you might have. We have fixed everything from air springs, suspension, electrical trailer issues, trim parts, air brakes and even lift gate failures. We have the tools and experience to get you back on the road in one piece. Driving with loose trim parts, body panels, or an unbalanced load can be dangerous not only to you, but to other drivers on the road. 

Don't let these trailer body repairs go without being properly fixed. Not only will your truck be safer, it will give added peace of mind to your customers that their freight is being handled by a professional that takes care of their equipment. We can also perform repairs on generator and diesel truck auxiliary power units (APU). If your Dry Bulk trailer has seen better days or unaddressed repairs are hindering your day to day operations, don't wait another minute. Call immediately for the best trailer repair service in Tulsa.

Your deliveries and routes are always time sensitive, and the roads are hard on your truck. That means a lot of wear on your engine and truck components that often leads to break downs. Why waste your time with mechanics that are slow getting to you when you need it the most. Our Tulsa Mobile Truck Repair mechanics are available when you get in trouble on the road. We can handle any semi truck and bulk trailer repair you might have. We can do everything from oil changes and filter maintenance, air spring issues, lift gate malfunctions, air brake failures, overheating engine, electrical repairs, and even transmission and drive line trouble. And our extensive network of parts suppliers means we can get the parts we need fast so you don't have to wait. Because as every trucker knows, time is money, and we can't afford to waste either.